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GraviTrax - The smart Marble Run System

Introducing GraviTrax

Introducing GraviTrax, an exciting and engaging marble run system designed to ignite your imagination. With GraviTrax, the potential for creativity knows no bounds. There are no rules. There are no mistakes. Just your creativity and your passion to build.

Encounter the captivating forces of magnetism, kinetics, and gravity, which unleash their incredible potential through a diverse range of building elements and thrilling action bricks. It's a collaborative journey that allows you to shape your own unique course within the expansive realm of marble runs, resulting in endless enjoyment and excitment along the way.

How to get started

Step 1
Start with a Starter Kit

New to GraviTrax and want to get started? The best place to start is with a Starter Kit. These sets include all of the core elements you need to begin building your own marble run tracks.

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Step 2
Expand your marble runs

If you’re looking to grow your marble runs, it may be time to explore the Expansion Sets. There are a variety of sets that offer ways to build higher, race faster, automate your tracks or scale your tracks to takeover the living room.

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Step 3
Accessorise your marble run

Launch, Zip, Bounce and more with a variety of accessories. GraviTrax accessories offer builders more creative ways to link together marble run paths. Interested in creating marble stunts? The accessories can be used together to create impressive trick shots.

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