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Ravensburger - CrazyCats Afternoon Tea Tiddles 1000 pieces

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Indulge in the whimsical world of CrazyCats with the Afternoon Tea Tiddles 1000-Piece Puzzle. Step into a charming scene where mischievous felines gather for a delightful afternoon tea. With 1000 intricately designed pieces, this puzzle offers a captivating and enjoyable experience for cat lovers and puzzle enthusiasts alike.

Join Tiddles and his feline friends as they sip tea, nibble on treats, and create playful havoc amidst a cozy tea party setting. Piece by piece, you'll uncover the intricate details and amusing antics of these adorable CrazyCats. The vibrant colours and whimsical illustrations bring the puzzle to life, immersing you in a world of feline fun.

Ravensburger puzzles are known for their superior quality, and the Afternoon Tea Tiddles puzzle is no exception. Each piece is crafted with precision and made from high-quality materials to ensure a seamless fit. Enjoy the satisfaction of watching the puzzle come together as you assemble Tiddles and his playful companions.

With its 1000 pieces, this puzzle offers just the right level of challenge, providing hours of entertainment and relaxation. Whether you're a cat lover, puzzle aficionado, or simply appreciate charming and whimsical artwork, the Afternoon Tea Tiddles 1000-Piece Puzzle is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Key Features:

CrazyCats Theme: Piece together a delightful afternoon tea scene featuring mischievous felines.
1000 Intricately Designed Pieces: Enjoy a captivating challenge with a higher piece count.
Premium Quality Craftsmanship: Ravensburger puzzles are known for their precision-cut pieces and high-quality materials.
Vibrant and Whimsical Illustrations: Immerse yourself in the world of CrazyCats with the puzzle's vivid colours and charming artwork.
Perfect for Cat Lovers: This puzzle is a must-have for anyone who adores cats and enjoys puzzles.
Dimensions and Weight:

Puzzle Size: Approximately 70cm x 50cm (27.6 inches x 19.7 inches)
Weight: Approximately 1,000 grams
Please note that these measurements and weight are approximate and may vary slightly.

Indulge in the delightful world of CrazyCats with Ravensburger's Afternoon Tea Tiddles 1000-Piece Puzzle. Piece by piece, immerse yourself in the whimsical charm of these adorable feline friends as you assemble this captivating puzzle. So clear your table, embrace the cuteness, and enjoy a purrfect afternoon tea with Tiddles and his CrazyCats companions!