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Ravensburger - Labyrinth Card Game

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This exciting card game is based on the famous and classic Labyrinth: It has short rules, but countless possible combinations. Only those who place the cards cleverly and collect lots of treasures will win the game. When it is your turn, you must place one of your cards on the labyrinth in such a way that it forms a path connection with at least one of the cards already on the table. If the player has managed to build a new path to a treasure, he may take the treasure map as a prize. This beautiful placement game from Ravensburger is not only a lot of fun, it also promotes concentration in a playful way. Tactics and foresighted thinking must not be neglected either.
Perfect as a birthday present or Christmas present.
Ravensburger bring along games are specially designed for different age groups and impress with their high quality. The compact format is particularly suitable for taking with you on the go or when travelling.
Contents: 50 Square Cards, Instruction Manual
Suitable for children of 7 years and up
2 – 6 players.