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Ravensburger - Race of the Baby Sea Turtles LF500 pieces

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Experience the delight of puzzling with Ravensburger Large Format Puzzles, available in 300 and 500 pieces. These puzzles are thoughtfully designed with larger pieces, providing easy handling and enhanced visibility, making them perfect for puzzlers of all ages and abilities.

Key Features:

Large Format Pieces: Enjoy the convenience of larger puzzle pieces that are easy to grasp and see. The increased size enhances the puzzle-solving experience, allowing you to assemble the puzzle with comfort and confidence.

Superior Quality Craftsmanship: Ravensburger is renowned for its commitment to quality. These puzzles are crafted from durable materials and feature precision-cut pieces that fit together seamlessly, ensuring a satisfying and frustration-free puzzling experience.

Wide Range of Themes: Explore a wide variety of captivating themes, from breathtaking landscapes to adorable animals, famous landmarks, and more. With an extensive selection, there's a puzzle to captivate every interest and imagination.

Indulge in the joy of puzzling with Ravensburger Large Format Puzzles. With their larger piece size, exceptional craftsmanship, and a wide range of captivating themes, these puzzles offer a rewarding and enjoyable experience for puzzlers of all skill levels.

Box Size: Each puzzle comes in a box with dimensions of approximately 25.5cm x 30.6cm x 6.8cm, providing ample space to store and organize the puzzle pieces.

Puzzle Size: Once completed, these puzzles showcase impressive dimensions, measuring approximately 69cm x 52cm, allowing you to proudly display your finished masterpiece.

Weight: The weight of the puzzle is approximately 0.94 kg, making it easily portable and suitable for puzzling on-the-go.

Order your preferred theme today and immerse yourself in the world of Ravensburger Large Format Puzzles. With the comfort and ease of the larger pieces, you can embark on a delightful journey of puzzle-solving, creating memorable moments and cherished works of art.